Leafly brought their Terp Talk roadshow to Toronto last week and, with much excitement, we made it a priority to attend. What we’d perceived as a terpene lab lesson turned out to be a fun-filled and informative event with interactive stations, Leafly experts, and some tasty snacks and beverages to keep us hydrated and happy.

Held at the 170 year old Storys Building in Toronto’s downtown core, the brick and beam ambiance of this space was the perfect backdrop for Leafly’s event. On the main floor were a number of interactive installations and we immediately spotted the Aroma Lab where we could enjoy the scent profiles of common terpenes Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene; the organic compounds found in cannabis (and many other plants…even some insects!) that contribute to its scent and taste profile.

Terpenes are all the rage right now and many within the cannabis community (the Leafly team included) are delving in to how they contribute to some of the therapeutic benefits found in cannabis, or, at the very least can be a way to classify cannabis for easier and more accurate alignment with a client’s needs and tastes (more on Leafly’s new classification system later). After giving all of the terpenes a smell, we created a personalized essential oil blend to take home; a blend of citrusy Limonene and herby Myrcene.

Beside the Aroma Bar was a line of tablets that displayed Leafly’s website and cannabis classification. Little did we know, as we scrolled through the profiles of some popular strains, we were viewing their all-new and very colourful terpene profile avatars.

The final installation was the Sound Garden where we could listen to various music streams based on four different moods that are commonly experienced when you consume cannabis.

Once everyone had indulged in a libation and a bite or two, and had a chance to interact with the installations, we were guided upstairs for the formal terpene education seminar. Speaker Maria Sharp gave us the lowdown on Leafly’s new strain classification system which focuses more on the terpene, CDB, THC and CBG content of your bud and less on the sole classification of indica or sativa. Their goal is to empower budtenders to make educated and confident strain recommendations based on terpene profiles, and help build the confidence in consumers so they can find a product that’s just right for their needs. It will also assist consumers in selecting additional strains with similar genetics. This is a very refreshing and exciting way to view cannabis and the potential that terpenes can have on your health.

K’s Experience

This event was an absolute blast! Every inch of space kept me entertained and informed, but the real star of the show is Leafly’s new classification tool. When I was ready to place my first order for medical cannabis, I sat down with a pen and paper and made comparison notes about CBD and THC percentages, terpenes, etc. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. I am a very visual person and if I had Leafly’s new tool at my disposal, I think I would have found the strain selection process a little easier. I can’t wait to use it guide me when I purchase my next strain.

F’s Experience

I’m looking forward to the day when there is more scientific data on the effect that the various constituent parts of cannabis have on a person both psycho-actively and therapeutically. I applaud any new attempt to fine tune what is a very subjective and personal choice in medication and desired affect. CBD, CBG, THC, Terpene, Indica or Sativa, there are so many factors, and surely, more to come as cannabis is studied and it’s effects dissected that there may never be a clear answer or system that offers the correct balance of ingredients to a person for their needs. That being said this new classification system from Leafly is the first step down that road, it’s a great start with tonnes of potential. where it takes us and how it evolves remains to be seen, I’ll be watching.

To celebrate their new classification system, Leafly has launched the course “The Art And Science Of Cannabis” through Leafly Learn. For attending the event, we’ve received complimentary admission to the course and cannot wait to log in and learn. Thank you Leafly for a great event!