Our trip to Ottawa started off with a bang (or was it a puff?!) and continued to impress us at every turn. The first stop had been to HOBO Ottawa and from there it was a quick 10 minute drive to our next destination: Superette.

Superette has an old-school diner vibe (red and white never looked so good together) with their cannabis products on display in classic diner glass enclosures. Along with a selection of accessories from amazing Canadian companies like Maitri, Canadian Lumber and Hazo, Superette also serves up their own branded pieces which you can find scattered throughout the shop, all with the same vintage diner-inspired style; the perfect pieces to enhance you purchase from their extensive selection of dried flowers, pre-rolls and sprays.

Know what you’re doing? Say so with colour!

K’s Experience

If you need me, you can find me at Superette – I’ve decided to move in! The aesthetic of this store is everything to me, as though the designer thought: “How can we take K’s dream decor style and apply it to every inch of this store?!”

With the comfy diner booths, relaxed order bar with red leather stools for you to sit and discuss your purchase with a Budtender, and a Pong video game along the back wall, I highly recommend Superette as a fantastic, relaxed place to shop; you can come here to explore cannabis if you’re ready to make a purchase, or simply hang out for a bit. Kudos to the team for making this shopping experience such a fun one! I especially liked the added touch of a physical product menu that I could hold in my hand and walk around with as I explored the store – I felt no pressure to make a purchase, allowing me to take my time and truly browse through their offerings.

F’s Experience

Superette! What a cool place. I was there for cannabis exploration but found myself nostalgically pining for a coffee pouring beehive coiffed waitress telling me to kiss her grits. While I didn’t find Flo’ I did find a diverse assortment of products, sure to be everyone’s slice of pie. The Hash Plant strain (pictured above center) smelled delicious, the huge array of accessories covered the gamut from chic to kitsch and the knowledgeable staff helped us pinpoint the dried flower varieties we were searching for.

It will be interesting to see what happens at Superette once edibles become legal. I can see this being the go to place to meet your friends and shoot the sh!t over a coffee and an herb-infused snack.

Makes you want to chill for hours, this look does.
So much stuff it was hard to see it all with just two eyes!

Superette is a very different experience when compared to Hobo across town. We’re happy to have had both experiences and can’t recommend either location enough. Pick the place that suits your personal style (or is simply closer) and you won’t be disappointed. We weren’t!

Superette- 1306 Wellington Street W. Ottawa, Ontario